Elon Musk to Freewallet

Your App Sucks, Elon Musk to Freewallet

In an attempt to use Elon Musk’s tweet about dogecoin to promote their services, Freewallet gets a bite. Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is recently tweeting and showing his support for Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and dogecoin. Instead of praise, Musk bites Freewallet saying, “your app sucks.”

He stated Wednesday:

“Crypto users should stay away stay away from wallets that do not give users full control of their keys.”

Unlike Freewallet and other hot wallets, BC Vault instead allows the user to have full access and control of their keys and, as such, will worth the commendation of Musk and other users who value security.

Musk reacted further by tweeting Chuck Norris’s image, saying that the martial actor can withdraw Bitcoin from Mt. Gox, a take on the popular Chuck Norris facts meme.

The tweet once again resurrected the fear of losing coins or crypto in custodial wallets and exchanges such as have seen on the infamous Mt. Gox hack. Mt. Gox hack relieved over 750,000 users of around $450 million worth of Bitcoin.

Musk’s tweet calls for the popular expression: “Not your keys, not your coins.”