Sell the moon, Buy the Dip

Wife Who advises Husband to Sell Bitcoin at $60K and Bought the Dip Leaves

While Bitcoin’s recent ATH of $60K woke up a massive wave of joy across the crypto community, it is reportedly causing a split to a married couple. Their breakup and disagreement came after a dispute on whether to sell bitcoins at that price level or not. Source, a Reddit post made by a username, Parking_Meater

 Wife’s Way About?

Through his post on Reddit, “Parking_Meater ” narrated his particular how the bitcoin (BTC) bull-run that brought peace to some families ended up hurting his marriage. He explained that his wife left the house because he didn’t agree to sell the BTC when prices posted the new all-time high at that time.

He explained that the situation got worse when he was caught by his wife adding more money to his bitcoin position. He detailed how the marital situation worsened in a matter of minutes, saying;

She just left to go stay with her sisters. She is super mad that I didn’t sell at 60k and looks at the price often scolding me. I keep telling her we don’t need the money and have the cash. We live nice. However today she caught me buying the dip and was so pissed she almost hit me! Now she packed bags and went to her sisters to stay. She said not to talk to her.

Meanwhile, Parking_Meater hasn’t disclosed the total amount of Bitcoin in question that got the wife provoked.

Redditors response, More Jokes Than Words of Support

In the usual conversational manner across Reddit, Parking_Meater’s story attracted several comments. For Parking_Meater, instead of words of support, his story attracted jokes. One user suggested he should “save a few sats for the divorce lawyer.” Another user told him that “bitcoin mooning can be a wife changing event.”