domicopter - pizza delivery by drone

What drones can do

I’m being frequently asked: what’s all this hype about drones about. Most people don’t realize what drones can do (and are already doing).

General perception is that drones are military surveillance tools, medical research devices and wildlife trackers but in reality there are more earthly day-to-day drone uses for a variety of industries from dining to gaming.

Today, you can order flowers, drinks and DVD’s by drone delivery. Drones are being used to deliver pizza to the military in remote locations and drone-delivered pizza is nah. A drone can keep track of the weather, help finding your keys and even get you a drink at your favorite bar.

These are just a few examples of what drones can do to widen your horizon.

On the technology side (in short): drones are always confronted with a challenge in balancing payload weight lifting ability vs. range vs. battery power (the larger the battery – the more it weighs, which is a sort of closed loop dilemma).