Drones with Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Use of Drones with Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Drones are a new day-to-day reality of modern urban environment. In fact the penetration and accessibility to drones has created an all-new challenge: how to make their operation safe and use these commercially without human monitoring necessary.

One of current challenges in commercial utilisation of drones is an ability to track and validate drone’s operations.

An interesting way to tackle this problem is implementation of blockchain based Smart Contract method, which would immediately solve a few critical issues:
1. Payment on completion (delivery for instance);
2. Tracking of drone operation and location;
3. Drones own IoT protocol, allowing drones to communicate with each other (to avoid collision, optimize operation, red-flag unsafe areas etc.)

While the concept and execution are reasonable, my take on it is that the biggest challenge will be far away from the technology.

In order to use of Drones with Blockchain and Smart Contracts, a consensus between all parties to this ecosystem will be required, and there are quite a few of them – ranging from the manufacturer, insurance companies, traffic controller up to smart city authorities).

I found number of companies, some with a working prototype, that are focused on this problem. Will cover it in a separate, more detailed article.

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