Top 7 BC Vault Partners Paving Ways for Mass Adoption


In a bid to secure crypto transactions, cryptocurrency and blockchain companies are partnering with BC. In this post, we shall explore these partnerships & collaborations. Also, this post will look at how the various partnerships are paving the way for mass adoption and cryptocurrency security. However, it will be worthwhile to understand what BC vault as a company is and how they are helping cryptocurrency owners secure their keys. 

What is BC Vault?

BC Vault is a hardware wallet used for the storage of many cryptos. The backups are easily and quickly encrypted and kept secure on an SD card. Its FeRAM storage offers long-term storage of about 120 years. Just like most other hardware wallets, the BC Vault is primarily available online. The BC Vault hardware wallet comes in a small box with the inscription, “Wallets are for pocket money, vaults are for safekeeping.” 

The box and the USB-C connector are protected with seals to enable you to ascertain if the wallet has been tampered with. BC Vault also comes with four stickers in the package, a short guide, a 1GB Micro SD card, and a USB-C cable. The hardware wallet is dubbed the most secure wallet available in the market. It even comes with a bounty of 1BTC for anyone who can “crack” the security and access the bitcoin. 

Now that we have a clear understanding of what BC Vault is, let us take a look at the blockchain companies partnering with BC Vault. Meanwhile, it is noteworthy to check out for BC Vault functionalities here.

Blockchain Companies Partnering BC Vault is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges where people buy and sell cryptos. Recently, they announced the successful integration of their Pay to BC Vault’s website. BC Vaults currently accepts’s CRO as well as other cryptos like BTC, ETH, LTC, and XRP. The partnership with means that Pay users can purchase BC Vault hardware wallets with a 10% discount. They can also earn an additional 10% back in Pay rewards if they paid using CRO. Users who have a minimum active deposit term of 10,000 CRO with tenure of 3 months, or staked at least 10,000 CRO in exchange enjoy a 10% back with deposits on BC Vault. Other users will get a 5% cashback. 


Changelly is also one of the increasing numbers of blockchain companies partnering with BC Vault. The partnership will equip BC Vault hardware wallet with Changelly’s instant swapping solution. Changelly integrated its API into BC Vault hardware wallets, allowing BC Vault wallet owners to enjoy the swapping feature of Changelly. Therefore, the BC Vault owners can easily exchange crypto with ease at either floating or fixed rates. Floating rates will be available to users at the low and transparent fee of 0.25% while the fixed rates are aimed at preventing losses in an event of unexpected market fluctuations. 

The swapping process is quite easy and simple. All the user needs to do is select the source wallet and the destination wallet. Alternatively, you can carefully enter the destination wallet address for the particular cryptocurrency that you desire. There are more than a hundred crypto pairs you can select from, and then you set the network fee. An average transaction takes about 10 minutes to execute, hence you won’t have to wait a long time to receive your coins. 

To ensure that there is no illegal activity, the device will always make sure that exchange requests are certificate signed using the appropriate keys and are received from official Changelly servers. Any transaction that fails this check will be automatically terminated. 


Houbi is a global cryptocurrency exchange based in Seychelles, and they have been doing great over the years. In their effort to protect users from hackers while helping protect their assets, Houbi has partnered with BC Vault. As the manufacturers of the most secure hardware wallet available in the market, BC Vault will help the Houbi exchange to improve its security. 


BC Vault partners Wyre to provide fiat gateway that enables crypto purchases of over 20 cryptocurrencies, including but not limited to BTC, ETH, and other top altcoins. Users can pay for these coins with either their credit/debit card or Apple Pay. All major fiat currencies are supported. 

The purchasing process only takes a few minutes, and the safety of user funds is guaranteed at every step. BC Vault’s desktop application does not collect any personal data and sends all the required information directly to Wyre’s backend. Additionally, the application also pre-fills the customer’s wallet address so as to eliminate the risk of the newly acquired coins ending up lost on the blockchain or being sent to somebody else. 

When asked about the newly added crypto purchasing solution, BC Vault COO Dima Fedotov from Hong Kong office has emphasized the importance of continuously expanding the functionality of the company’s hardware wallets: 

“It’s always been our goal to create a device that not only has the highest standards of security, but also is a market leader in terms of utility. We’ve been actively working on expanding the functionality of our hardware wallets, and so I could not be more excited to work with Wyre and have their crypto purchasing solution integrated into our desktop app.”


MineGeld partners with BC Vault to provide top-notch asset security. The MineGeld crypto banking platform entered into a collaboration with the manufacturers of the world’s most secure hardware wallet (BC Vault). This partnership aims to ensure unbreakable security for users’ deposits as well as their assets. MineGeld aims to become a special platform that unites fiat and crypto services, hence security is the top priority. 

The partnership with BC Vault is to develop advanced crypto solutions that are highly impregnable. This gives MineGeld a huge advantage in terms of security. Other benefits include faster and flawless access to crypto funds, there is a hero risk of hacking, private and public keys are safely stored, and there is also the possibility of retrieving your funds if you lose your keys. Users will also enjoy a secure connection with major desktop and online crypto-wallets. You also get a crypto exchange with the security of a cold wallet. 


Another one of the major blockchain companies partnering with BC Vault is the PARSIQ. It is a wallet monitoring and automation service, provider. This has given the users of the PARSIQ the ability to get instant notifications on Telegram about BTC, ETH, and ERC-20 token transactions happening on their cold wallets. This feature is possible because of the partnership with BC Vault. BC Vault is the first digital asset hardware wallet that has active 24/7 blockchain monitoring capabilities. 

The monitoring goes without compromising the security of your transactions, while also ensuring its transparency.  

VELAS Network

VELAS Network is an AI-operated DPoS blockchain system that allows secure, interoperable, and scalable transactions. By incorporating advanced AI technologies into its blockchain network, VELAS aims to build a unique blockchain platform with the capability to execute up to 30, 000 transactions per second. The VELAS network also has products like decentralized file storage, decentralized video, and audio streaming services, and messenger. 

The partnership provides guaranteed security to all VELAS asset holders. “We are thrilled to kick-off partnership with Velas and look forward to providing guaranteed security to Velas asset holders in power combo with full chain support”., Dima Fedotov, the COO of BC vault said while responding to the announcement. BC Vault will offer high-grade protection as well as staking functionality to all VLX token holders. VLX holders can even purchase a limited edition of VELAS branded Vaults. 


BC Vault is widely partnering with various blockchain and cryptocurrency authorities. It show that BC Vault is a tested and trusted hardware wallet manufacturer. There is no doubt that more blockchain projects will seek partnership in the future. Today, BC Vault has proven to be miles ahead of other hardware wallets when it comes to securing the assets of users.