3D printing resources

Top 5 3D printing resources

With 3D printers now available from @ US$ 200 (example), many are now hunting for 3D printing resources to utilize the new gadget.

Top 5 3D printing resources


Cults has a slight focus on eccentric items. This catalog contains designs and plans that range from the very useful to the abstract.


Youmagine is all community and all designs. With over 1000 open source 3D printing projects it is one of the largest libraries out there.


Wevolver is primarily focused on electronics and other complex projects. Unlike most other sites that are more marketplaces or just galleries, Wevolver puts a community first, and a sharing service second.


Pinshape a gallery of community-driven collection of 3D printing projects, many are free to download. It’s a great site to join and revisit, and a great community for 3D print enthusiasts.


Shapeways essentially lets you do three things: upload and print your own designs, hire someone to design 3D printed model, or get inspired by the community.