Sky Global allegedly facilitated Crypto Money Laundering with Encrypted phones

Sky Global, a Canadian-based communications provider is indicated for facilitating crypto money laundering with encrypted phones. The indictment says it sells encryption devices to criminal organizations to facilitate activities such as drug trafficking.

Sky Global was said to be indicted in a U.S. federal court for allegedly facilitating criminal organizations to launder millions in cryptocurrency with encrypted phones.

The indictment filed March 12 in the Southern District of California, said Sky Global is alleged to have helped these organizations transfer illegally obtained funds into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It also disclosed: Sky Global obstructed investigations of drug trafficking and money laundering by remotely deleting evidence on said devices when seized by law enforcers. They stated on March 14 refuting the allegations. The CEO Jean-François Eap explained that Sky Global “was not created to prevent the police from monitoring criminal organizations; it exists to prevent anyone from monitoring and spying on the global community.”

He further said that authorities have not informed Sky Global of any legal proceedings against it, stating that the only information gleaned from the indictment has been via the media.