Shuttle Diplomacy

Shuttle Diplomacy

I’m referring to Shuttle Diplomacy quite often, so I’ve decided to keep it handy on my blog. A fun and useful read for everyone.

Shuttle Diplomacy

Journalist talks with Henry Kissinger.

– Tell me, Mr. Kissinger, you are considered the inventor of the “shuttle diplomacy”. Explain what it is, as an example.

– Oh, it’s very simple, – says Kissinger – You want to use shuttle diplomacy to marry Rockefeller’s daughter to a simple guy from a Siberian village.

– It’s impossible! How would you do that?

– Very simple. I’m going to a Siberian village, find there is a simple peasant and ask: “Do you want to marry an American lady?”

He says: “Why? We’ve got great girls here!

And I say: “Yes, but she is Rockefeller’s daughter.”

He goes: “Oh! This changes everything.”

Then I go to Switzerland to a bank board meeting. I ask them: “Do you want a Siberian peasant to be your bank President?”

And the bank people say: “No way!”.

– But what if he is Rockefeller’s son-in-law?

– Oh! This changes everything!

So I go to Rockefeller and ask: “Would you like your daughter to marry a Russian peasant?”

– Poof, – says Rockefeller – What are you?

So I go: “But what if he is a president of a Swiss bank?”

– Oh! This changes everything! Susie! Come here, Mr.Kissinger has found a good fiance for you. He’s a president of a Swiss bank! ”

Susie: “Fu-y!”

I say: “Perhaps, but he is a Siberian man.”

Susie: “Oh! This changes everything! ”