Revain and Whalesburg

Revain and Whalesburg Join Forces, Aim to Improve Mining Competence

Release by Whalesburg and Revain

We are excited to share news about our new partnership with Revain, a blockchain based review platform, to enhance our dashboard with review functionality.

Revain Board Member Dmitry Fedotov

As some of you are aware, Dmitry Fedotov, Board member of Revain, joined Whalesburg in March. Dmitry is a board member for multiple technology companies based in the United States and Asia. An expert in artificial intelligence, autonomous robotics, drone technology and digital marketing. Dmitry regularly speaks at international technology events. Projects he participated in include development of an AI-driven marketing platform and engagement with Airbus in UAV development.

Dmitry’s involvement with Revain brought our teams closer together, making this partnership possible.

Mining Profiles Within The Whalesburg Platform

Those of you who follow Whalesburg closely know that an important component of our platform is the “Profiles” section. Whalesburg users can select a profile that will govern how their mining equipment is used. Each profile contains a script that customizes variables such as which coins to mine and when to withdraw coins. This enables miners to easily select and change mining strategies as the landscape of minable coins changes. For example, with a single click user can choose the “Whalesburg Profile,” meaning that their resources will be optimized using Whalesburg’s profit-switching algorithm. A single click allows users to switch to another profile such as “ETH Only + Immediate Withdraw.” More details of the functionality of profiles can be found in our Whitepaper.

The profiles section also enables users to easily develop their own profiles. For example, a user could create a profile that mines a single coin, withdrawing coins immediately as they are mined. Alternatively, a user could set their profile to wait until a portion of mined coins has increased in value to a set percentage before withdrawing them.

If a user wishes, they can share with the community the profiles they have developed. Top performing profiles that have been shared are ranked and listed on the platform. Other miners have the ability to write feedback on the profiles and leave tips.

Synergy in action

It is this system of feedback, reviews, and tips that Whalesburg is working on with Revain. The goal is to implement the review system in such a way as to ensure the best quality reviews are featured most predominantly.

“Revain’s use of IBM’s Watson Tone Analyzer and Natural Language Understanding will help to automatically ensure the reliability of reviews. We are excited to integrate this technology as well as other expertise provided by Revain’s team of highly capable developers,” said Evgeniy Kitkin, CEO, Whalesburg.

About Revain

Launched in November 2017, Revain integrates AI with a unique system of token-based economics to incentivize and ensure higher quality reviews. Initially focusing on reviews for the progress of post-ICO projects, Revain has the potential to improve the overall quality of information available for the hundreds of projects that are now moving into the beta stages of their development. Revain is now a top 100 project with a respected team and a market cap of over about $150 million.

“It is exciting to enter this partnership: Whalesburg’s community is filled with highly knowledgeable miners working on the fine-tuning of their mining output. We are excited to apply Revain’s solution within. In the long run, we hope that this will produce highly demanded transparency in the entire post-ICO landscape” said Dmitry Fedotov

Whalesburg’s developers will be working with developers from Revain over the coming weeks and months to build and implement review functionality.