Report Find That Bitcoin More Popular Than Gold in Australia

Multiple surveys and reports show there are more crypto hoLDers than other precious metals. They reported that investors plan to hold their investments for more than three years.

Such reports are Motley Fool, Cryptocurrency exchange, BTC Markets. In separate surveys, BTC Markets, surveying 2,000 investors in Australia, 12.6% held cryptocurrency while Motley Fool 12.1% are holding precious metals.

By the above report, bitcoin is more popular among investors than gold in Australia.

Since March, at the outset of COVID-19 when the stock market plunged, around one in three crypto investors have already made a crypto investment. 

According to a Sydney Morning Herald report, Caroline Bowler, BTC Markets CEO claimed; 

“A year ago crypto investors tended to be men aged 24-45, but they now include more retirees, high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors.”

Also, reports show that about a quarter of investors holding crypto earn more than $AUS 100,000 ($79,000) a year.