Paris Hilton expresses excitement on Bitcoin confirming her long-term crypto investment.

After expressing her excitement about Bitcoin, Paris Hilton agrees that it is the future. Hilton confirmed that she has been investing in Bitcoin for a long time and shared information regarding her future non-fungible token (NFT) projects.

Paris Hilton endorses Bitcoin as the future.

Paris Hilton, the Hilton heiress in her last week’s CBNC interview hints about Bitcoin and her forthcoming NFT projects. Paris, the great-granddaughter of the Hilton Hotels’ founding fathers, Conrad Hilton is widely renowned as the “original influencer.” Despite being an actress, socialite, singer, DJ, media personality, model, and businesswoman rumours still have it that she is “famous for being famous.”

At the beginning of the interview she said, “My desire has always been to become an innovator and in March 2020, I created my first NFT which won the best NFT Charity Award of the year. It was an exciting venture and the excitement has grown as it has blown up in the past few months.”

The interviewer asked her, “Does this make you a Bitcoin investor?”

She replied that she was and she has been excited about it too. Then added that Bitcoin is surely the future.

Further questions were thrown at her, “Have you been a long-term Bitcoin investor.” Hilton just said a simple yes.

Hilton later replaced the profile picture on her social media with one that had laser eyes. The Bitcoin community has been sharing the laser eyes meme all through February which meant that people using the eyes are “laser-focused” on the price of Bitcoin spiking to $100,000. The laser eyes have spread across investors, celebrities, and politicians who have used it on their profile pictures including Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary and pro-bitcoin U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis.

Hilton received a grand welcome from bitcoiners into the Bitcoin community after her interview. There were speculations by some Twitter peeps about if the heiress had actual knowledge of the workings of crypto. 

Financial writer Frances Coppola in Hilton’s defence dropped a reply to a comment with her opinion: “Soon you will understand that storing Bitcoin in your bags and having a better grasp of it are different things. Paris Hilton’s bags are filled irrespective of whether she understands Bitcoin. My understanding of Bitcoin is the reason my bags are not filled.”

Microstrategy CEO, the company holding about 91K BTC, Michael Saylor was one of those who supports Hilton’s bitcoin endorsement. In his tweet to her he said: “If you do not have a grasp of laser eyes, you do not grasp the concept of Bitcoin. Welcome to the team Paris Hilton.”

Hilton replied to his tweet saying “Thank you, Micheal. Excited to be part of it.”

Social media users went in over their heads trying to figure out when Hilton joined Bitcoin. In a tweet by Max Keiser, he mentioned that he and his wife, Stacey Herbert, introduced Hilton to Bitcoin some years back, and tried to prove his point by sharing a picture that they took together.

He further mentioned that the discussion was held at a party in Sogo, New York, saying that they and an extensive discussion with Paris about Bitcoin saying that she had taken the orange pill since 2018. Apart from Keiser, many other people think that her cryptocurrency journey may have begun as early as 2015.

In the CNBC interview, Hilton discloses information about her forthcoming NFT projects. She explained that she has been in collaboration with some great artists and working on her first drop which will be released in a few weeks and another one following closely behind.

She mentions that her first drop is about art. “There is not much to be disclosed yet because they’re both surprises but the first one is art-themed and the second is music-themed and about memorabilia. It’s cool that are endless possibilities with this.” Hilton further states that, “the creation is a collaboration with another artist that focuses on female empowerment.”