Occupy Hong Kong on The Daily Show

Occupy Hong Kong protests in “The Daily Show”

Seems the writers of The Daily Show are confused what Hong Kong and China are, and how they differ. Occupy Hong Kong pro-democracy protests against China’s politics were apparently not enough of a red-flag to pinpoint that it’s a different regime.

Video published on YouTube (for these who don’t have Hulu):


For further study:

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, commonly the Hong Kong Government, refers to the executive authorities of the Hong Kong SAR. The Government is formally led by the Chief Executive of the SAR, who nominates its principal officialsfor appointment by the Chinese Central People’s Government (State Council).

The Government Secretariat is headed by the Chief Secretary of Hong Kong, who is the most senior principal official of the Government. The Chief Secretary and the other secretaries jointly oversee the administration of the SAR, give advice to the Chief Executive as members of the Executive Council, and are accountable for their actions and policies to the Chief Executive and the Legislative Council.[1]

Under the “One China, Two Systems” constitutional principle, the Government is exclusively in charge of Hong Kong’s internal affairs andexternal relations. The Government of the People’s Republic of China, of which the Hong Kong government is financially independent, is responsible for Hong Kong’s defence and foreign affairs.


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