MacBook Pro vs. Surface Book 2016

How does MacBook Pro score versus Surface Book 2016?

It was a very… very long time since Apple updated its MacBook line-up. Naturally, much was expected from the release of the new MacBook Pro. It seems that Microsoft was also cooking something during this period, and introduced its new Surface Book simultaneously with Apple. There are pros and cons in each choice, which I would like to summarise here:

MacBook Pro vs. Surface Book 2016
MacBook Pro vs. Surface Book 2016 – source


Bottom line (personal opinion)

While Microsoft offers an attractive ability to remove display, and use it as a tablet, one must think whether or not iPad is not a better solution for this. Apple’s MacBook came short in expectations lacking touch screen, and display resolution could be better (Surface Book offers greater resolution).

On the other hand, Apple has more ports (4+ vs. 2 USB), is thinner and lighter.