Last year saw a spike in open-source Bitcoin grants; 2021 seeks to outdo it

The Bitcoin Development non-profit organization, Brink is set to channel Kraken’s first grant donation of $150,000 towards the funding of a developer who codes tools that utilize the Rust programming language in creating Bitcoin software.

The developer, Alemos Filini is set to receive a classified amount for his further activities on Bitcoin software created with the Rust language more especially for his contributions to the Bitcoin Developer Kit. The Rust programming language is the foundation for enforcing the famous Rust Lightning Network Integration and the well-known Bitcoin open-source wallet Electrum.

The growth of this grant has skyrocketed since the past year and it is a big part of the funds to push the efforts of the developers of Bitcoin’s open-source protocol and software who have in the past worked for free or depended on donations.

In a chat with CoinDesk, Alekos Filini mentioned how grateful he is for the efforts of Brink and Kraken. “I understand that many smart people are in the industry and deserve to get funds to complete their open source projects, and knowing that they have observed our work with BDK since last year and eventually chose to offer me this grant makes me and the entire team feel great.”

In a press release, the director and founder of Brink John Newberry mentioned how elated they are to join Kraken in supporting Alekos’s task. “We are so excited to be partnering with an elite brand in the Bitcoin ecosystem that supports the open-source developer community.”

With the Bitcoin Developer grant, Filini will do further work on the Bitcoin Dev Kit including the libraries and tools for developers building applications in Rust. Other Rust projects being handled by Filini include the simple command-line wallet which teams use in testing new projects and a Tor daemon which developers use to increase privacy in mobile and desktop wallets.

In Kraken’s post, they mentioned that they will merge the Bitcoin Dev Kit to a Lightning Dev Kit to provide Rust with a total suite of tools with which they can build fast on-chain and Lightning wallets.

In a briefing with CoinDesk last December, Kraken mentions that this year, it intends to join the Lightning Network, a Bitcoin-based tech stack that improves cheaper and faster transactions.

Source; Coindesk