KuCoin Hong Kong Offices are Empty

KuCoin Hong Kong Offices are Empty (be safe)

Jackson Wong, a Hong Kong independent journalist, in his recent Medium post, raised concerns about the reliability and safety of the KuCoin exchange, on discovering that KuCoin’s Hong Kong office is empty. He warned investors by asking them to be extremely cautious about depositing their money into this exchange. He expressed his concerns that the exchange might be pulling an exit scam considering their Hong Kong offices are empty.

Long-Held Suspicious Against The Exchange
Revisiting his previous concerns pertaining to the KuCoin exchange, Wong began his report stating that he feared the exchange would become illiquid during the next Chinese government crypto crackdown.

Wong further claims in his report that he has never heard of the exchange within the Hong Kong community. If they were based there, then the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SFC) would have already taken measures to suspend trading on the KuCoin platform.

He also questioned the fact that none of the KuCoin directors reside in Hong Kong or even have Hong Kong names. He highlighted the fact that for Chinese nationals to reside in Hong Kong, they either need a working visa or to apply for a Hong Kong citizenship.

Wong Visited The KuCoin Office
To carry out his investigation, he visited the registered address of the exchange’s headquarters and found the KuCoin exchange’s Hong Kong office completely empty. The address listed the company office to be located on the 20th floor in the Kiu Fu Commercial Building premises. However, when he looked at the directory board of the building, he found that the only offices located on that floor belonged to Smart Team International Consultants and Rich Moral CPA. He did not notice KuCoin being listed anywhere on the board.