JD.com accepts Digital Yuan

JD.com to Accept Digital Yuan in Lottery Program

A Chinese e-commerce firm, JD.com, says it’s ready to allow lottery tickets with Digital Yuan. Reuter reported that Double 12 would become the first online platform to accept China’s DCEP, Digital Yuan, during a shopping festival.

The company’s fintech arm will allow users to shop online and offline during the Double 12 festival. The Double 12 festival is usually slated for December 12. During the lottery, a total of 10,000 consumers will be allowed to use the Digital Yuan to shop at the supported platforms. Reuter reports the giveaways will be exclusively for the city of Suzhou.

JD.com says Digital Yuan tokens will serve users the purpose of buying items and owning the tokens through mass giveaways;

“Under the Suzhou programme, the municipal government and the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) will issue 200 Digital Yuan “red envelopes” to 100,000 consumers selected through a lottery.”, according to Reuter.