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Jack Dorsey Suggests Twitter Will Likely Integrate Lightning Network For Micropayment

Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey responding to Lightning-Network powered messaging app Sphinx Chat said it’s only a matter of time for Twitter to integrate the Bitcoin layer 2 payments Lightning Network.

Sphinx Chat, a wallet, and encrypted messaging service recently integrated Lightning network for cheaper and faster payments, and Jack thinks his network will be doing that soon. 

The Lightning Network is a layer 2 solution atop the Bitcoin blockchain designed to enable faster and cheaper transactions by enabling user-generated channels for sending and receiving payments. 

However, it is still unclear what integration with Twitter would look like. Meanwhile, the microblogging platform has since enabled micropayments, so this integration will likely further make payments faster and cheaper. 

What are the possibilities and the solution of the Bitcoin lighting network integration to Twitter users? Feel free to drop your comments below.