Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Toyota 2016 Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sedan (launch difficulties)

Last spring Toyota announced its plans to start deliveries of Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell in California by October 2015 with hope that by the time the vehicle hits dealers there would be publicly-accessible hydrogen fueling stations for early-adopters.

The California Energy Commission predicted its expectation of more than 50 hydrogen filling stations to be operational within California by end of 2015, but in reality are still less than a dozen in operation. It seems Toyota has gone one step further, asking some of its Californian dealerships to actively stop deliveries of the US$ 58K fuel cell sedan until local public hydrogen fuelling stations have been commissioned.

The Toyota Mirai (From mirai (未来?), Japanese for “future”) is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, one of the first hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles to be sold commercially. The Mirai was unveiled at the November 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. Toyota planned to build 700 vehicles for global sales during 2015.
Under the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cycle, the 2016 model year Mirai has a total range of 502 km (312 mi) on a full tank, with a combined city/highway fuel economy rating of 66 mpg-US (3.6 L/100 km; 79 mpg-imp) equivalent (MPG-equivalent), making the Mirai the most fuel efficient hydrogen fuel cell vehicle rated by the EPA, and the one with the largest range.

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Image: transportevolved.com