How much are you worth on Facebook

Recently I have reduced use of FB for communication, which lead to piling up of friend requests/messages.

While going trough my bi-monthly clean up, I’ve noticed that people I have no connection with suddenly where able to send me direct messages on FB. My privacy settings are set to receive messages from friends of friends, however in my inbox I discovered a few dozens of messages from outside my network.

After some research I have discovered following (in case you did not know): a new functionality on Facebook allows anyone to send you messages if they are ready to pay for this. If you are not connected to, say, Larry Page, you still can send a direct message at fee.

I could not establish clear pattern of price formation: it seems that a cost to send a message to a user with over 100K subscribers is priced @ US$ 15. After checking on myself, I found that cost of message to me is at @US$ 9.

Of cause I’ve checked Mark Zuckerberg’s price level: