Guide to writing effective emails

Guide to writing effective emails

I am often being asked how I write my mostly short yet effective and meaningful emails. Here are some basic rules to follow:

Establish an active position

Focus on subject using active expressions and strong verbs to reinforce your position.

One Email – One purpose

I noted that an increase in number of questions in one email leads to a proportional increase in risk of delay in reply or may even result in not getting an answer at all.

Keep design simple

Separate your messages into easily digestible bullet points underlining same argument. Use lists or add space and accent in your emails to drive your main objective.

Remove unnecessary words

If you have a habit to use adverbs and adjectives: words such as words like “that”, “though”, “largely”, “seems”, “that” –  reread the final draft and remove them. This will sharpen your emails.

Have a closing

Purpose of most emails is not complex. There is, of course, a requirement for an intro and an explanation, yet make sure your email ends with the question you really want to have an answer for. When the recipient composes his/her reply, they are likely to respond to the last thing mentioned.