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Google Glass: to buy or not to buy and what can you do with it

I have used Google Glass since February (just over 8 months), before it became semi-accessible to public. First thing that I want to mention is that during these 8 months the developments and improvements implemented where extensive. Current functionality supported by Glass is a roughly 300% increase from what it was 8 months ago.

Should I buy Google Glass?

In short: unless you are a tech geek – no. It is not a ready-to-go gadget. As of now, even with improvements made, Glass will likely disappoint you. There are some applications, which are very useful for a non-tech educated person. It is up to you whether these are worth getting on Glass now.

Google Glass Price: 1’500 US$ (Plus tax)

Buy Google Glass: not available to public yet, however feel free to sign up here. In my experience it is realistic to get approval.

What can a regular person use Google Glass for?
 Navigation on Google Glass 

Navigation is one of a few functions, which where polished and user friendly from the moment I have started using Google Glass. It is a little tricky to input address as it largely happens via voice input, which is not an ideal way. However there is a brilliant workaround on this using Map2Glass.

 Google Glass video and picture shooting 

Brilliant. Especially if you are driving – blink to take picture is a superb solution.

Google Glass picture example:

Google Glass Picture Example

Google Glass video with sound example:

Calls via Google Glass

Consider it an extremely expensive fairly good headset. Don’t buy it solely for this purpose.

Messaging via Google Glass

Fair. Main factor: quality of speech recognition, surrounding sounds etc.

Social media posting via Google Glass

NOT the best solution for social sharing YET. So far it has a good integration with Foursquare and Google+ posting and check-ins. Others are, again, relying on accuracy of speech recognition.

News updates via Google Glass

If you are ok wearing the Glass for extensive periods of time to stay updated with latest news – its quite a good tool.

Best Google Glass applications
  1. LynxFit and the Fitness Collection. Thanks to built-in gyroscope it’s able to make you do push-ups, squats etc. A built-in training program increases your load on a daily basis and tracks progress.
  2. 4Fifty Basketball – a great way to play basketball. But don’t forget the glass is not unbreakable.
  3. The app called “Run Zombies” brings fun into your running routine. You have been dropped from a helicopter and the area is crawling with zombies. Don’t let them catch you! (which obviously means running).
  4. RedLaser – scan a barcode on a product and find out more about it, compare pricing online.
  5. Foursquare and FieldTrip – Very handy during trips: pops up with messages about sightseeing’s and interesting places around you.
  6. IFTTT – a very simple formula: if X happens, do Y. A big helpt to Glass users, who wish to be notified about new LinkedIn message, important email and so on. Check out the website – the tool is very flexible.
  7. musiXmatch – not only does it quite accurate recognition of currently playing soundtrack, but also provides you lyrics to sing along.
  8. CNN – For these into video news feed.
Google Glass comfort, battery, and so on…
  1. Wear comfort: good. Frame is fairly light, the projection crystal is located brilliantly: it does not restrict you from walking/driving/working on computer etc.
  2. Google Glass Battery is probably one of the weakest specs. In active use expect full consumption of battery within 80-120 minutes, in some cases (like watching videos on YouTube) – less when that.
  3. Google Glass Lenses: I have not been able to fit these to have a clear visibility of projection.
  4. Google glass gets warm/hot, especially while recording or playing video. A warning comes after 5-10 minutes:
    • Google Glass Device Hot - Cooldown
  5. Internal storage: no issues on my end. With all apps loaded I currently have 11.7Gb free space. I do not store music onto the Glass, so if you intend to – take it into account.


Useful resources
  1. Google Glass live support
  2. URL to Glass – send website links to your Google Glass
  3. Glass Apps Source – an independent Google Glass apps repository

To be continued…

18-Oct-2014 – Today I’ve published a Wikipedia article on Google Glass Addiction as reported by Newsweek and The Guardian.

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