Google Glass 2017

Google Glass project still kicking 2017?

Got your Google Glass in a drawer? Dust them off: your $1,500 investment is still alive as it seems: on Monday MyGlass app was updated by Google (since 2014), and, even more surprising, the new firmware, XE23 was pushed to Google Glass devices today.

Google Glass 2017 x23 update
Google Glass 2017 x23 update

The “XE23” version can now hook up mice, keyboards and other Bluetooth-enabled objects to Google Glass.

What does it mean? Well, apparently after graduation at Google X Labs, it’s now been pushed to Google’s Enterprise division. And someone’s working it. Will we see further updates? Well, Google does not tell. But chances are that the answer is “yes”, and perhaps a new mass-market version is to be released in near future.