Gamers Audience Should Be Part of Your Media Strategy

Gamers Should Be Part of Your Audience Strategy

Do you know how many gamers there are in your company’s core audience?

Gaming isn’t just a thing you can do anymore. It’s also a thing you can watch. Increasingly, gaming content on YouTube is becoming a major destination for Gamers’ I-want-to-watch-what-I’m-into moments. Believe it or not, watching someone play Call of Duty (one of my personal favorites) can be just as exhilarating as actually playing it.

To understand more about exactly how influential Gamers can be for marketers, Google recently partnered with Ipsos MediaCT to survey a total of 4,803 participants in the U.S., ages 18-54, out of whom 2,802 go online at least monthly (aka “General Online Population”) and 2,001 go online at least monthly and stated that they watch gaming videos on YouTube at least monthly (aka “YouTube Gamers” or “Gamers”).1 What the survey found shed new light on YouTube Gamer demographics, 30% of whom are female.2 (See? I’m not the only female watching.)

How Gamers influence the purchasing decisions of others

As you might expect, YouTube Gamers love their electronics. And so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that for electronics in particular, YouTube Gamers are highly influential. Eighty-seven percent of those surveyed who have recently bought a consumer electronics product or service say they typically recommend what they’ve bought to people they know.6 Sixty-nine percent of those are also very likely to rate and review their purchase online.7

But Gamers’ influence doesn’t stop at electronics goods. In fact, the ripple effect YouTube Gamers have on other people’s purchasing decisions is also observed in the media and entertainment and food and beverage categories, too.

Base: Made a recent purchase in the category (Media and Entertainment N=1,443; Consumer Electronics N=1,042; Packaged Food and Beverages N=2,264)

In short, this group not only buys a lot of stuff, it has a strong influence on what others buy as well.

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