Drone Defence System

Drone Defence System

With an increase of drone presence and their various applications, Blighter saw an opportunity to roll out interesting solution: Drone Defence System. This radar-jammer counter drone combination is designed to detect and neutralise UAV’s. The company claims it’s Drone Defence System is able to detect and neutralise a Drone within 15 seconds.

Designed much like a cannon, it can be affixed to the ground or mounted on a vehicle.

Leaving aside factors such as pricing and target audience, it’s questionable whether real life application ever comes: shooting down Amazon’s Drones or DHL’s ParcelCopter’s might have consequences.

Might be popular among drug lords though.



BSS LogoA400 Series Air Drone Defence System

  • Detection range:  8 km
  • Minimum target size (RCS):  0.01 m2
  • Frequency band:  Ku-band
  • Radar type:  E-scan Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Doppler Surveillance Radar
  • Transmitter power (nominal):  4 Watt
  • Azimuth coverage:  180° (standard) or 90° (optional)
  • Elevation coverage:  10° (M10S antennas) or 20° (W20S antennas)
  • Elevation adjustment:  +/-40° using optional Blighter Radar Tilting System (BRTS)

Chess Dynamics LogoHawkeye DS and EO Video Tracker Drone Defence System

  • Viper Dynamic Positioner:
    – Azimuth:  Continuous
    – Elevation:  -50° to +60°
    – Max speed:  60° per second
  • Piranha 46 HR Camera:
    – Type:  Colour HD 2.3 MP
    – Optical zoom:  x30
    – Digital zoom:  x12
    – Focus:  Auto
  • Thermal Camera:
    – Type:  Gen 3 Cooled
    – Resolution:  640 x 512 pixel
    – Wavelength:  3 to 5 μm
    – Zoom:  24° to 1.8° FOV
  • EO Video Tracker:
    – Type:  Vision4ce digital video tracker and detector
  • Optical Disruptor (Option):
    – Type:  1.4° high intensity beam

ECS LogoDirectional RF Inhibitor Drone Defence System

  • High gain quad-band antenna system
  • Disruption/inhibition delivers operational effect
  • Custom inhibition waveforms specific to the threat
  • Covers GNSS frequencies
  • Software defined intelligent RF inhibition
  • Optimised disruption profiles
  • RF output power:  Details available upon request