Crypto recovery bloodbath

Don’t expect a swift bounce after yesterday’s Crypto Bloodbath

Let’s be realistic: yesterday’s crypto bloodbath is not a short-term volatility, and despite reassuring comments from various analysts, crypto funds and CZ (CEO of Binance), there will not be a miracle recovery of crypto markets overnight. I am not even confident that we can see the resistance indicating bottom yet.
What worries me most is uncertainty in cause of this meltdown. BTC Cash fork and Institutionalization Of Crypto Assets are justifying selloff volumes, and I have not yet seen other noteworthy explanations so far.

Crypto forecast

Personal opinion: expect bouncy road until mid-January, gradual recovery to last week’s levels by April 2019, and a bull run starting May 2019. Why? Will explain in detail during coming days.
All above is a personal opinion and should not be considered as investment advice.