Car autonomy levels explained

Car autonomy levels explained

Recently we witness an enormous amount of headlines announcing cars with different levels of autonomy. It seems, however, even the reporters writing these headlines do not fully understand true meaning of the subject they report on. Here I will try to put a visual breakdown of Car Autonomy Levels.

Car autonomy Level 1 – Human is in full control 

Autonomy level 1 - no driving assists
Autonomy level 1 – no driving assists

Car autonomy Level 2 – Human driver. Driving aids such as ABS, Cruise control, DSC, Lane Control etc.

Cadillac CTS 3.6 2016
Autonomy level 2

Car autonomy Level 3– The car software is can be in control in on highways and in routine driving conditions. Human control required.

Tesla Autopilot
Autonomy level 3

Car autonomy Level 4 – car software is can be in control in normal conditions. Human control may be necessary depending on environment

Google Self-Driving Car
Autonomy level 4

Car autonomy Level 5 – Human passengers are cargo. Car software is in full control (currently concept phase)

Autonomy Level 5
Autonomy Level 5