altcoin rally 2019

Brutal Altcoin Suppression

As @BTC takes an increasing dominance in #Crypto, many traders are waiting for an “alt-boom”, which historically follows bitcoin’s bull run.

Here are my thoughts on why there might be no alt rally in current cycle:

XRP, NEO, TRX and most others in the CMC Top 20 will drastically underperform bitcoin unless they establish a significant  real-world application. I also expect a massive wipeout of many of these for following reason:

  1. The narrative has switched from “blockchain” to “bitcoin, not blockchain technology as such;
  2. Massive institutional liquidity inflows are not buying into alts;
  3. Catalysts leading to 2017’s alt boom are not present;
  4. BTC’s derivative market enables traders to generate huge gains compared to alts;


Coming Alts wipeout will be massive:

Sure, there will definitely be some alts that that will outperform BTC in this run. But unlike 2017 (that was similar to dot-com boom in the end of 90’s), this time the gainers will be ONLY extremely high quality projects with real world application. In my view the following are clearly standing out: ETH, BNB, LTC and XRP (last one, XRP, is under big question as lately I see a sharp decrease of it’s adoption in real-world environment).