Be your own bank with a BC vault wallet

Key Takeaways

  • What is the BC vault hardware wallet?
  • Native support of tokens and secure data storage
  • Complete anonymity 
  • Price of the hardware wallet and Features 


Before diving deep into how to become your own bank with a BC Vault wallet, let’s have a recap of what a BC vault wallet is. BC Vault is the most secured hardware wallet that allows you to control your keys. In recent times where there have been so many hacks and wallet assets theft, one question that has been in the mind of many wallet users is, Are their funds safe? Nowadays, that is no longer the story with BC Vault. 

BC vault was developed by a company in Slovenia named REAL security. REAL security’s development team saw the challenge of hardware wallets having small screens that display a little amount of information. They aimed at solving this issue by providing users a larger display (a 242-inch OLED 128×64 pixel display) that will show every vital transaction detail.

At the screen, details such as recipient addresses, transfer amount, fees, sender, wallet name, and notifications for ridiculously high transfer charges. One of the most notable features of this hardware wallet is that it has a large number of cryptocurrencies. It provides native support for every crypto just in one application. 

BC Vault Native support of tokens and secure data storage

BC vault also has its software app that provides native support for every ERC-20 token including 200,000 ERC-20 tokens and the hassle-free use of legacy addresses and Segwit with all BTC addresses.

The chip used by the wallet prevents it from getting exposed to probable malware on a device like your desktop. The vault also ensures that you’re offered secure data storage for more than 2 centuries at 95 degrees Fahrenheit. 

With a BC vault wallet, you are guaranteed complete anonymity as it takes out the likelihood of being tracked. The wallet does not have a serial number and REAL security also do monitor any information that could likely be traced back to the users.

Your backups are already encrypted here as instead of having one unencrypted recovery seed, each wallet can have its backup on several reliable SD cards or print QR codes.

All BC vaults have a 1gb microSD card pre-installed in them mainly for backups and they offer the most reliable means of storing your cryptos. These backups can also be printed out and given to friends and relatives. 

Price of the hardware wallet and Features

The hardware wallet is sold for $55 in addition to VAT for customers in the European Union and is kind of intuitive to use and a newbie can understand how to use it without much hassle.

BC vault’s top-tier security approach has 5 layers namely: Global pin, global password, Wallet password, the device itself or a backup, and wallet pin. This immensely protected access makes users’ coins almost unreachable to hackers as they’ll need to go through the 5 prevention levels to access the user’s holdings.  

At the same time, this makes the hardware wallet very easy and yet, unconditionally reliable for multi-use. So, two persons can use a single wallet by knowing the global pin & password of their device such that their coins are secured and set in various separately protected wallets. 

The platform provides on-ramp cryptocurrency exchange and buying solutions obtained via the API by big companies like Changelly and Wire. It is a very convenient solution for handling all your assets and the Basic BC vault One device is now sold for €159.

How to Bank yourself with BC Vault

Recall that the primary purpose of blockchain and cryptocurrencies as an alternative to fiat decentralization, however, most crypto applications require a third party to use. Like several other applications, cryptocurrency users are at the mercy of custodian wallets to use their assets. With BC vault, users can have access to their keys and as such be their own bank.

Users can simply be their banks by owning BC Vault wallets of any kind. Next is setting the device up accordingly as shown on the website and the user manuals attached.

Basic BC vault One is a perfectly safe wallet that boasts of having every top-notch technology and it comes with a USB cable and memory card.