BC Vault Functionalities: A Comprehensive Review

In our review of BC Vault functionalities, we aim to provide you with the necessary information on all you can do with your BC Vault hardware wallet. BC Vault is a revolutionary new hardware crypto wallet for safekeeping your crypto assets. With BC Vault, your backups are easily and quickly encrypted and stored on an SD card.

Like most hardware wallets, BC Vault is readily available for purchase online. You can buy the BC vault hardware wallet at the official BC Vault online shop. The device currently costs about $180. Before we go further to list the BC Vault functionalities, consider these essential tips before buying hardware wallets:

  • It is better to buy your hardware wallet directly from the manufacturer or official resellers.
  • There are dubious shops or private resellers on platforms like eBay or Amazon, and they can manipulate the device for their own gain or trick the buyer. Through this, thieves can make away with your coin from your hardware wallet at a later date. 

BC Vault comes in a small box with the slogan “Wallets are for pocket money, Vaults are for safe keeping.” Also, the box and the USB-C connector of the hardware wallet are protected with seals. If these seals are not there, then know that the hardware wallet has been tampered with. In addition to the BC Vault Inside the box, you will see four stickers, a short guide, 1 GB Micro SD card, and a USB-C cable.

 The question is, what does the BC Vault do? 

BC Vault Functionalities 

There are quite a number of things that BC Vault hardware wallet can do for you, and we shall explore them all. 

BC Vault Helps Users To Store Their Backups Securely

It means that you can give someone your SD card or PaperQR without the person being able to access your coins. However, you need to ensure that your password is long enough and cannot be guessed. 

Provides Users With Seamless Transaction Process

Users no longer have to put up with time-consuming and user-unfriendly applications. BC Vault is fast, reliable, and can do everything in a single native application. You can easily switch between different coins, add new ones, and update your firmware with a single click. 

It Offers Impenetrable Security

Every BC Vault contains a private key for a Bitcoin wallet that houses 1BTC. This is a bounty wallet that is created the same way as other BC Vault wallet. As of this writing, no one has managed to gain access and claim that bounty. Therefore, BC Vault has proven security. 

Random Number Generation

This is one of the best BC Vault functionalities. BC Vault has a state of the art random number generation technique. It creates a revolutionary human-powered random number generation by using the inclined accelerometer and not a proprietary chip. 

BC Vault Provides Users With a Deep Exchange Integration

It allows users to swap their coins without exiting the app securely. Every exchange is cryptographically signed by the exchange and thoroughly checked on the app itself. 

You Can Create More Than One Wallet

You don’t need to have more than one wallet. With BC Vault, you can create more than 2000 independent wallets in a single device. Multiple people can securely share on BC Vault hardware wallet. 

Designed To Let Users Know It Has Been Tampered With If It Does Happen

The hardware wallet is glued, making it highly improbable to open without any noticeable damage to the outside. 

Firmware is Well Protected

One of the mind-blowing BC Vault functionalities is that it employs dual flash to protect its firmware even when power or connection is lost. 

Major Features of BC Vault Hardware Wallet

BC Vault has many great features, and they include the following:

It is a Multipurpose Hardware Wallet

BC Vault is the only hardware wallet in the market which supports sending, receiving, and checking all your different coins in one application and on one device. 

It has Wide Browser Support. 

The likes of Firefox 52+, Chrome 50+, Opera 51+, Safari 11+, IE 11+ (all new versions) support BC Vault. 

Your Coins are Stored Offline

All funds are securely stored offline in cold storage to mitigate cyber-attacks. The wallet employs advanced encryption measure to ensure the crypto vaults of users are completely secure. 

Supports Wide Range Of Cryptos

The BC Vault wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies ranging from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. In fact, BC Vault supports over 300,000 coins and ERC-20 tokens in its native app. 

It is Designed With A Safe Backup

Your private keys are all backed up and are encrypted in the form of printed QR codes on a Micro SD card. 

It Ensures Safe Transactions

Any time you initiate a transaction from your desktop application, it must have to be approved on the device itself. You can clearly see every transaction detail on the OLED confirmation. The desktop applications are user-friendly Windows, Linux, and macOS desktop applications. These desktop applications give you an overview of your entire transactions in one place. 

Tamper Evident Packaging

BC Vault provides tamper-evident packaging, and they sell their product through verified and reputable resellers. 

It has CE Marking and Warranty

BC Vault is manufactured in conformity with all the EEA regulations, and users get a 24-month warranty on the product. 

Why You Should Use BC Vault

You have known the BC Vault functionalities and key features. Now, let’s show you why it is the best hardware wallet for you. 

  • The private keys are encrypted and stored in a ferroelectric RAM (FeRAM), a state of the art storage medium. 
  • It is not susceptible to computer viruses and hackers who can steal from software wallets. 
  • You can use it as a U2F authentication token.
  • It has an encrypted Micro SD card backup. 
  • You can easily use encrypted QR code paper vault backup. 


These BC Vault functionalities and features have definitely given you a better insight into the world of BC Vault. So, when going to get your hardware wallet, you already know the one to ask for. Make sure you always go through the right channels to avoid getting a compromised product. 

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