BC Vault Black Friday Offer

BC Vault Black Friday Offer

While using crypto to shop at various centers and cryptocurrency platforms, it is important to consider securing your cryptocurrencies. We are giving a Big Black Friday offer today. First, let’s glance at why you need to secure your crypto and why the BC Vault Black Friday offer is for you. 

Your best bet to secure your coins is to secure your keys. Hence, the need to own a cold wallet. BC Vault’s black Friday offer allows you to shop BC Vault cold wallet with a 30% price slash. 

BC Vault is a Five-star cold wallet device that allows you to secure your keys to secure your coins. Experts call BC Vault wallet the safest cold wallet. Since its inception, it has had wonderful reviews and featured on authority platforms like CoinFunda, Virtual Cash, Bitcoin.com, and many others. 

The most recent reviews are from CryptoCasey and Hashoshi, as saying; 

“BC Vault is unlike any other crypto hardware wallet on the market right now, as it is a truly secure, easy-to-use cryptocurrency vault, which has multiple unique features, currently unavailable on other devices.”


“I’ve used pretty much every wallet there is on the market today, and the BC Vault has the most unique approach I’ve seen in a while. The private key storage chip itself is a FeRAM, or Ferroelectric RAM, which can store data in perfect integrity for far longer than traditional flash storage that is used on other wallets.”

BC vault is for you if you need;

  • Guaranteed security
  • Free backup
  • Access to over 2000 concurrent wallets
  • Multiple cryptocurrency support
  • Clear large displays and lots more. 

The Big Back Friday Offer

BC vault Black Friday offer runs between 27th November to 30th November. With this opportunity, you can get our cryptocurrencies secured with a 30% discount. Also, purchasing a BC Vault wallet comes preloaded with a 1.9BTC upon breaking the encryption. 

The wallets boast of 32,670 lines of codes, 11 security tests, and 116 countries to offer you all in one cryptocurrency security. 

How to shop

Shopping BC Vault wallet is as easy as ABC. It starts by clicking the BC Vault Shop