Area 51 guide (update for 2016 visitors)

Area 51 guide (update for 2016 visitors)

Absolute Essentials: Area 51 guide 2017 for DIY visitors.

  1. Make sure to have a full tank of petrol at the last possible fuel station. There are no gas stations around;
  2. There is no cell phone coverage around 100 miles prior to Area 51. Mobile data ends 100 miles earlier. So if you run out of gas or have a flat – don’t expect roadside assistance as a given: if you’re lucky – someone will be passing by once in a few hours;
  3. Prepare printed or offline available maps:
    1. Do not rely on Tom Tom: it will add 1 hour to your driving time;
    2. Do not rely on car built-in navigation: in my experience with 4 different car makes none of them had an accurate coverage.
  4. Print out Area 51 map (below)
Area 51 - no cellular, data coverage
Area 51 – no cellular, data coverage

Best way to get to Area 51

Google Maps (and Apple Maps) will not allow you to save offline version of roads around area 51. Best thing to do is to route whole way to your destination.

After you have lost wireless data, which will happen around 200 miles before Area 51 – the software will still guide. DO NOT cancel routing otherwise you will not be able to re-route. 1. Just in case store the following gps coordinates of Little A’Le’Inn – N37° 38.801′ W115° 44.760′

How to return from Area 51

Little A’Le’Inn has a wi-fi hotspot. Same as while planning a trip: before leaving make sure your navigation is loaded to route to your destination or at least a location where you know that would have a mobile data/wi-fi.

Roads around Area 51

Roads are empty. The reason for that: they are basically not leading anywhere. For about 100 miles to your destination you will see little (if at all) traffic. Speed limit is 70MPH. Roads are generally good and even. Mostly straight: you can easily see 10 miles ahead.

Police, speeding around Area 51

Mostly there are no patrols in the area, which I was also confirmed about by the locals. Police cars mostly come only in case of trouble. I understand that the Area 51 security cares little (if at all) about your driving habits. So unless you go supersonic they will unlikely interfere. Having said that I do not encourage to be reckless and exceed the speed limit:

1. Most importantly: there is wildlife around (deer’s may be crossing the road and freeze once they see a fast approaching object);

2. There are a lot of free ranges with horses, cows etc. who can suddenly decide to cross the road. You don’t want to have them on a passenger seat;

3. There is still a chance to get “lucky” with police.

Area 51 low flying aircraft
Area 51 low flying aircraft

Cars for area 51

In short: avoid super sport cars with extremely low clearance and sensitive to dust and dirt. If you have a choice – a comfortable suv or cross-over is your best bet. But you will also have no issues and perhaps more fun (but less comfort) driving a, say, Camaro convertible.

Security around Area 51

Don’t be alarmed if you see a car tailing you. From what I have experienced these are very common looking cars, the only thing that you may find strange– they have no license plates.

Area 51 Security car
Area 51 Security car

Drive as usual, don’t try to shake them off.

Do not stop on a highway too often.

Do not come close to restricted area.

Area 51 security encounters are not an adventure: you will be fined and will have to appear in court as well as convicted. Don’t expect to get away with a warning. You may take a look at one of the cases made public in 2014:

Area 51 guide: what to see and expect.

Extraterrestrial Highway

area 51 rachel nevada
Area 51 Rachel Nevada

Little A’Le’Inn

A great first stop. The staff is very friendly and will be glad to give you directions. They also provide you with a printout of a local map pointing out restricted area free of charge (map above). Thank you guys!

Map of Area 51

Area 51 map restricted area boundaries. Click to open in full size and print out.
Area 51 map – restricted area boundaries. Click to open in full size and print out.

Alien Research Centre

Back Gate

Main Gate

Black Mailbox

UPDATE: the Mailbox was removed around beg. 2015. Don’t waste your time.


P.S. Pictures and more details coming soon.