An Unknown Miners grab over 50% of GRIN Hash Power.

GRIN Blockchain attack.

One of the limitations of Proof of Works blockchain; 51% attack, threatens GRIM. GRIN, a Privacy-centric blockchain network Grin (GRIN) is reportedly under attack as an unknown miner or miners controls 57% of the hash power. The report is confirmed by who has 19% of the current GRIN’s hash power.

In affirmation, users are warned to wait for extra confirmations on transactions for payment finality. Report also states hat the news drove GRIN coins, the popular BIitcoin2.0 from 2.23% to 0.235% as of press time.

The above GRIN privacy blockchain attack calls for urgent need to reveiw mining technicalities in Proof o work to allow users own their keys, coin and own their freedom.

Remember, not your keys; not your coins.