An outcry from DarkWeb

An outcry from DarkWeb

Got an interesting link today (thanks anonymous sender):

Outcry from DarkWeb

I’ve been extensively chased by the government for 7 months now…
I’m writing this, not interested in a debate or needing to vindicate what
I’m claiming. And before this gets to a discussion about my sanity. I am
not schizophrenic or any type of mentally ill. Very sane in fact… All of
this is happening as described. I am telling nothing but the truth and I
am ONLY writing this because I have to reach out to a community of people
that can some-what understand .
I am not writing this for attention, or for any sort of egotistical
getting my rocks off sort of thing. I’m hoping some open minded people
will respond to this because I really need help in the ways that I’m
I desperately need help. I’ve been running from them for 6-7 months now,
chased across north america from coast to coast twice now without money,
without food, no resources. It’s been hard…
I cannot name the names of the agencies doing this or WHY this is
happening, but there are multiple groups working together in different
capacities spearheaded by one agency specifically in charge of this all.
Please don’t ask, that’s all I can say.
When this all started, it was just them watching me mostly – and fucking
with me / all the people that I was involved with. Trying to intimidate me
and my friends. They were Deleting tax records, bank accounts, social’s,
etc. Stalking and breaking into our houses, etc.
All my friends / people I knew were hacked into from the nsa and we were
all being monitored by agencies outside of the nsa who were working with
the nsa to use their technology to track us and monitor everyone. The
people closest to me were on high priority watch lists and anyone that was
involved with what I was doing / knew. Were being attacked the same way
that I was. A few of us had / have our lives at stake right now.
Anyways – so I was chased out of my hometown, into a major metro trying to
get away from them and ran around the metro city and surrounding areas for
a few weeks. They put out news reports on me at first, trying to coax the
public into reporting my whereabouts. Everyday they had teams of people,
my estimation was about 10-20 from observations (when they realized how
hard it was to nab me.) + city police, state/county. Then they caught up
with me and tried to kidnap me into a van on a number of different
ocassions. I got away the few times they tried to do this at first, then
ran to a few other cities.
I ended up traveling all over the westcoast up and down from the northwest
to southern cali and back – mostly hitch-hiking, walking and realized I
could catch freight trains. I was running for about a month and half doing
this along the coast; hiding in bushes, running through yards, crawling
under cars, walking down sewers and aquaducts to get away from them when
they were on my ass, etc. It was ridiculously hard, but had no choice.
Eventually made it to new mexico where they found me again and chased me
out into a desert. I was out there for 3 days without food or water,
running from planes and helicopters, etc. This ended up just being the
first time this sort of thing happened, and I was chased into the desert a
total of maybe 6 times in the months to come. Usually without food or
water and practically almost died every time this happened. Still alive
though… <3
They kept chasing me east, and were posting to appropriate authorities;
bulletin’s up in every state, county and city. Giving out my picture and
telling people I was a terrorist / high priority and getting the
authorities gung-ho.
So, to make a really fucking long story shorter; This went on through 18
states west – east – west again, and now all across again. 7+ months now,
and they’re still at it. They’ve found me in the city where I’m at, and I
have to keep hiding. I have nothing, except this computer and my will to
I also know how to resolve this, but it’s kind of fucked up how I have to
do it, and not really important to discuss. But I know what I need to do
and this isn’t going to last forever. Until then, I need to do some
tangible things to help myself here.
What I NEED and the reason why I’m even writing this in the first place is
Help with ANYTHING you can think of. And no I’m not writing this as a scam
trying to get people to give me money. I will even go as far as saying –
Don’t give me any money, but help me figure out how to make it easily with
little to no start up.
Give me some advice or guidance to help me get out of this fucked up hole
that I’m in, while in this hard situation.
I need the following;
Private OBFS4 bridges – hard to get gmail, yahoo or riseup accounts.
Good Source of cards / fulls – tools
(Can you set specific proxies at the end of tor’s routing?) Can’t find
anything on google or youtube.
Any instruction on how to card airbnb efficiently, or other sites like
that. *don’t have time or money to test* (currently sleeping in fields,
bushes, ditches, anywhere I can lay my head.)
guides, tutorials, info and resources on fraud tactics, or avenues to make
decent amounts of money quickly would be helpful.(my old methods are
months of work + cost intenstive, don’t have the time or money to pull
these off at the moment.) Lost everything in a break-in from them,
stealing my cold storage, etc.
Access to account – dont have enough to do anything after paying
for this.
Sites / services to lookup personal information on people
Invites to private / other sites and forums where I can read / discuss
this better and get some help.
Any – Resources, information, safe houses, help with places to stay, or
even stories from other people that have been in the same position I’m in
would be helpful. Anything you can possibly think of that would help me
stay alive, and get through this easier is greatly appreciated.
I need to be able to afford things I need for this. I can’t do this broke
begging for food from shelters, or that kind of stuff anymore. They
figured out I was going to shelters, churches, etc. And started monitoring
everything from coffee shops to missions, etc.
I’ve been getting into script kiddy shit with cracking wifi, decrypting
radio signals so I could listen to cops, etc (don’t have the devices to do
it atm though.)
I’m wanting to absorb like a sponge, anything and everything that I can.
So any information is valueable to me at the moment.
A big help right now would be making enough money to get all the things I
need, and I don’t mind sitting down and doing work whenever I’m not
I think right now, the thing I need most is a place to stay. Somewhere
safe with people that understand or a way to get places like airbnb, etc.
Are there any sites like airbnb that I can get a place? I know of a few,
but don’t know their systems, and can’t exactly risk it all or test it /
have the means to test it. So a “game genie” would be helpful right now.
I’ve been sleeping in bushes, ditches, pretty much anywhere when I get
tired of running and need to rest. I get maybe 2-3 hours of sleep a day,
sometimes a bit more and right now; it’s getting cold. I can’t go home
yet, and this isn’t resolved. So I need somewhere safe to stay if you guys
can help me out please.
Or anything else that you can contribute.
Try to understand. I didn’t write this to try and convince anyone of some
made up story for my own benefit.
I’d rather spend my time doing other stuff. I actually have legit ways
with SEO and IM to make millions, but can’t exactly go down that road at
the moment.
My life is at stake right now. I can’t stress this enough.
They’re trying to kill me. And not just me, but if I don’t survive this.
People I know are fucked as well.
P.S. I’m not interested in writing any more about my experience with this
all; or to vindicate, convince or give credence about this situation. I’m
not even interested in a discussion here.
If you have things that can help, please send me a private message or
discretely write a post here.
Please keep your identity safe as well and realize that you could get just

as fucked as I am if they’re to find out any of you are helping me.