10 Most Successful ICOs

5 Most Successful ICOs


Ethereum lead by Vitalik Buterin own a technology able of building and positioning decentralized applications.

Ether token quickly surged to a peak of its market cap totaling  133Bn US$, second to Bitcoin.
The team of Etherium created a data structure that allows a swift adjustment and verification of the various states that are required to execute an ICO.

ERC-20 they use is a series of guidelines that enable integration of multiple currencies, making Ethereum effective and easily adaptable.


EOS ruled the cryptocurrency landscape during past year. Their block.one technology is able to build and develop apps based on Blockchain. EOS raised nearly US$ 200 million in a few days by selling its token. The value of EOS’s success lies in own network, that is highly flexible and robust. It has ability to scale down to a million transactions/messages per second with resources of a single machine. Another benefit of EOS versus other systems is that it has no fees, meaning that the transactions are free for end users.


Hdaq has been a pioneer offer contract and payment operations to IoT (Internet-of-Things) based on Blockchain. Hdaq token aims to rule the micropayments made in its environment. Hdaq’s potential market cap estimated at $19 trillion due to effective and secure high-speed transactions.

Sirin Labs

Sirin Labs had (has) an ambitious idea based on distribution of FINNEY devices compatible with smart appliances surrounding you. The solution is well-built, and Blockchain backbone is robust, scalable and lightweight.

It is powered by fee-free Sirin Labs DLC. If this solution gets traction, it will enable secure information sharing, automated security threat discovery, and payment solution.

Personal opinion: it is not the idea, which is excellent, but the execution side of it (manpower/team drive/focus on core idea instead of drifting in every direction), that will determine whether it will indeed become a success.


NEO appeals to me as it is a community driven venture (Blockchain backbone is rather a bonus). It’s focus lies in registering assets in its ledgers, and management of these with Smart Contracts.

On a tech side, NEO made a good framework by enabling support of majority of coding languages, which gives them a huge upside when connection to outside providers/partners/users needs to be done quickly.

The transaction speed of 10’000 tps is impressive as well.